Cameron Dail, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College offers a variety of alternative fitness options outside of varsity and club-level sports. In addition to traditional sports teams, LC offers three fitness centers, a variety of classes and intramural sports to students.

The diversity of opportunities allows each student to find their fitness niche within the campus community. There are a multitude of classes held on campus including yoga, Zumba, kettlebell training and line dancing.

Steven Bradney, Coordinator of intramural sports said, “It costs three bucks a class, and you are not going to go to any other gym and pay three dollars for an hour-long fitness class.”

The three fitness centers are located across campus. One is in the Drysdale Student Center which houses a variety of cardio equipment, weight machines and some free weights. The second is located in Turner Gymnasium which has more free weights, machines and a slightly smaller selection of cardio equipment.

Wake Fieldhouse is the third fitness center. However, Wake is used exclusively by varsity sports teams for strength and conditioning. The other fitness centers are open to all students, faculty and staff.

Logan Polen said, “People are always getting involved with different types of exercise on campus, and I personally enjoy using the fitness centers.”

Intramural sports are played between LC students. The sport participants are provided equipment and officials as needed. These different fitness opportunities are open for students to take advantage of, but do they actually get involved?

Bradney said, “As far as intramurals, involvement is high. Numbers have dropped a little bit over the past couple of years, but they are still pretty high for a school this size. I wish the numbers were higher for the group fitness classes.”

Club sports teams offer another fitness outlet on campus with alternative sport options as well as those found at the varsity level. Some examples of club sports at LC are beach volleyball, rugby and wrestling. The Lynchburg Club Sports page says, “The club sport teams provide student-athletes with greater flexibility than varsity team sports with typically up to two structured practices per week and the potential for year-round competition.”

LC currently has 21 varsity-level sports teams which makes NCAA competition a highlight on campus. This is a way for students to take part in fitness on campus, but it is also more exclusive due to its varsity status.

Will participation in fitness activities on campus increase? Bradney hopes so, with more exposure to the various alternatives.