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As the semester progresses at Lynchburg College, so does the work of the security staff. Security reports increased significantly during the month of February.

These reports predominantly pertain to the use of alcohol on campus, specifically underage consumption.

Eighty percent of reported alcohol violations involved underage possession, with 10 percent involving those over 21 giving alcohol to a minor.  

Director of security at LC, Bob Driskill, offers insight into why these past few months may have seen such a high amount of alcohol violations in comparison with other reports.  “First-year students seem to hit the radar more often, whether it’s them traveling to or from a Southside event, whether it’s them drinking too much,” Driskill said.

Driskill further explained that campus safety and security aren’t relentlessly pursuing alcohol violations. They are often responding to calls from resident assistants or other instances of reports.

Tate Hall is home to many first year students and is one of the dry dorms on campus. It has the largest number of reports so far this semester.

Endasia Mitchell, a resident on campus, said “I feel better about the safety of Lynchburg College because I know some of the security officers.”  RAs work closely with campus safety and security, which means Mitchell has spent more time with them than most students.

In regards to the 12 fire drills that have happened this semester, Mitchell seemed more concerned with having a different type of drill. “I feel like we should have more, like, active shooter drills or something like that, because we don’t really know what to do [in that situation],” she said.

The Campus Safety logs can be accessed from the LC website as part of the Jean Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, which requires campus security to disclose crimes and incidents reported on or near the campus.

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