Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

This Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to explore the past couple “First Family” relationships.

Starting with the Clinton’s, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary were quite often seen together. Hillary, being one of the most active first ladies in United States History, traveled around the U.S. speaking to schools, churches and political groups. Like President Trump, Bill Clinton had a sex scandal while in office; however, they were handled quite differently. After Bill’s affair was made public, Hillary was always by his side, even making public statements in his favor.

After it was announced recently that President Trump had an affair in the early 2000’s, we haven’t heard anything from his wife, Melania. They even rode in separate cars to this year’s State of the Union Address.

The Trumps and Obamas. Retrieved from elite
The Trumps and Obamas. Retrieved from elite

Now fast forward from the Clinton’s to the Obama’s. The Obama’s likely had what is one of the most genuine and loving relationships that we have ever seen in the White House. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were easily one of the greatest power couples we have ever seen. The first lady took the job with the utmost importance, starting her fight against childhood obesity and traveling all over the country speaking to countless amounts of people.

We have seen something very different with this presidency – Donald Trump and his first lady Melania definitely do not have the same “lovey dovey” aroma surrounding them. Trump is often seen not holding his wife’s hand, walking ahead of her and not holding the door for her nor the family. In most photos one could assume that she does not look very happy, often posting photos not including the president, even on special occasions like the anniversary of his presidency. After seeing the first year of their relationship in the limelight, I think it is safe to say that Trump could take some lessons from his predecessor, or maybe even the guy with the arrows.