Liz Gerhart, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College men’s lacrosse team will use Fall Ball to prepare for their first season game on Feb. 10, against Salisbury University.

In spring 2017, the LC men’s lacrosse team lost in the NCAA Division III Tournament Quarterfinal. They team has a lot of work to put in before this coming season if they are to take their title back. The LC athletes begin their work during a four-week training session called Fall Ball.

“We describe this time as the lonely hours where the guys really need to buy into all the work that our strength and conditioning coach, coach Smith, is providing them and along with having their stick in their hands as much as they can, and really put themselves in a position when we really start practicing on January 22 that they are in the best shape possible and hopefully improve some of their skills we’ve assessed during Fall Ball,” commented Stephen Koudelka, head lacrosse coach and assistant athletic director.

Illustration by Genevieve Griffin

The players on the team choose how their spring season will play out, they use Fall Ball to correct mistakes and become the best possible player they can be. “I think we expect to be the best team in the nation. That’s how we always feel, and that’s what we tell the younger guys. We want to win the ODAC then win a National Championship” said CJ Santora, senior goalie for men’s lacrosse.

The seniors on the team are looked up to during Fall Ball, because they are the new leaders of the team. Leadership starts in Fall Ball and helps the team to bond over the spring season.

“Our main goal this winter is to build off of our Fall Ball season as a team, as well as individually, so that when spring comes we are all in the best position possible,” said Colin McGuire, senior on the lacrosse team.

The men know that whatever they achieve in Fall Ball will carry over to the field in the spring.


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