The Dreamer by Lana Cunningham

This poem I wrote for my children. I hope my kids never lose sight of their dreams no matter how cold the world is to them. I hope my kids always remember that I will be right there to support their dreams and always protect them to the best of my ability.

Meī tenēte fortiter pretiosī.
Conserve vestra somnia omnibus vīribus.
Enim hīc valeō atque hīc stō.
Semper hīc meum manum tendere,

Alere omnia somnia quae tenētis. 

Et dēfendere vōs ā frigidō. 

Vōs semper amābō meōs pretiosōs. 

Quod mater vestra sum, amor meus numquam timet.

Meī tenēte fortiter pretiosī, 

Ad omne somnium in vestrīs aspectibus.  

The Dream

My dears, hang tight. Keep your dreams with all your might. For here I am and here I stand. Forever here to reach out my hand. To support every dream, you hold. To shelter you from the cold. I will forever love you my dears. For I am your mother, my love never fears. My dears hang on tight. To every dream in your sights.

Critograph volume 105, Issue 11

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Latin poem: Nox et Lux (“Night and Light” in English)

By Sarah Copeland ~ Guest Writer

Nox et Lux

Quis es tū iūdicāre tenebrās?

Cōgitās esse dē malō et dolō, timēs arcanum.

Dissimulat mendacia quae dant miserīs actīs.

Bonum occultatur tenebrīs et domātur.

Est presentia ignota, itaque terret virōs.

Vocās et putās singulum dictum, sed non vēro vidēs

Tenebrae pulchrae sunt, et ūnā laborant cum luce.

Juvat facere differentiam quae format terram videndam clare.

Tenebrae generant locum servandum ā vigiliā solis.

Sol quī indicat causās aut populōs quī dēbent esse occultī.

Lux locat magnum destinatum ubī videt.

Umquam spectat, numquam inhibet, aut audit clāmōribus.

Dolet et dat dolorem post longōs dies in suīs radiīs.

Dum nox tē servat ab onere diēī.

Ita cūr timēs tenebrās et noctem?

Cum lux numquam populōs vī suā excubāre et superāre dēsinit.

Night and Light

Who are you to judge the shadows?

You think it is of evil and treachery, you fear the mystery.

It hides lies which give to wretched acts.

Good is taken by the shadows, and is subdued.

It is an unknown presence, and so it frightens men.

You say and you think every word, but do not truly see.

The dark is beautiful, and works together with the light.

It helps to make a contrast which forms the land to be seen brightly.

The dark creates a place to be safe from the sun’s watch.

The sun which reveals things or people that need to be hidden.

Light puts a great target everywhere it sees.

Ever it watches, it never stops, or listens to the cries.

It hurts and causes pain after long days in its rays.

While the night shields you from the burden of day.

So why is it that you fear the darkness and the night?

When the light never stops watching and conquering people with its might.

Critograph volume 105, issue 5

Online School During a Pandemic

Online School During a Pandemic

By Stephanie Quaranto

College students are adjusting to the “new normal” of online school and isolation during this worldwide pandemic, two things that they did not sign up for.

In this strange period of time of the coronavirus, students all over the nation are trying to focus on passing their classes or graduating school not knowing when they will be able to return back to some sort of normalcy.

Photo of computer showing the new normal of online schooling by Stephanie Quaranto on  Friday, April 10, 2020


COVID- 19 Hurting or Helping our grocery stores?

     Local renovated Food Lion in Claymont Delaware is one of the many stores that have been affected by the Coronavirus. Photo by Allyssa Lawry.

   By Alyssa Lawry ~ Guest Writer

        As one of two Food Lion’s in Wilmington Delaware this store has a lot on their plate, store manager Mark Smondrowski was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to discuss how things are operating.

        “Our company is committed to providing a safe environment for both associates and customers. We have followed the state guidelines calling out for social distancing, capacity maximums and enhanced cleaning responsibilities. Extra measures to help would be to mandate masks for all people in the store as well as reduced maximums,” said Smondrowski.


The Pandemic & My Hometown: Joshua Price

By Joshua Price
On a Monday, March 30, 2020,  I decided photograph how the pandemic was affecting my community in Maryland.
While some places seem deserted others seem to bustle like nothing has happened. Since they are deemed “essential business” parking lots of grocery stores being filled.
Fed-Ex Field, home of the Washington Redskins, is now being used as a COVID-19 testing area. I also visited Washington D.C.
Many of the tourist hotspots only contained a few people, if any.  As we begin to reach the peak of this virus we must maintain our social distancing and hope this all blows over sooner rather than later.


Hornets’ Swimming sets high goals right off the block

ODAC men’s rookie of the meet, Parker Hayungs, swims in one of his butterfly events. Photo by Madison Ayres

By Madison Ayres

Varsity swimming returned to Lynchburg this year after a hiatus dating back to the 1970-71 academic year.

After exceeding their own expectations this season, the program’s 28 men and women have a lot to celebrate and much to look forward to, according to head coach Brad Dunn.


Update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) from University of Lynchburg President Kenneth Garren


Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am writing with an important update on our ongoing response to COVID-19 (coronavirus), which has now been elevated to a worldwide pandemic. As the situation unfolds nationwide, I recognize the uncertainties and the possible risks here in our own community. I have decided to err on the side of extreme caution to keep our campus safe. I know that many of you are worried as you prepare to resume classes next week and I want to share our immediate plans to ensure your health and well-being.


Women’s Soccer and Field Hockey in Action


Women’s club soccer players ready to play in a tournament match. Photo retrieved from Lynchburg Women’s Club Soccer Instagram Page.

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     March represents the height of the club sports season.  

     Many teams at the University of Lynchburg have competed in tournaments recently, including the club women’s soccer and field hockey teams.  

     Since the beginning of their spring campaign, the women’s club soccer team has won one match against the University of Mary Washington team by a score of 2 to 0 on Sunday, Feb. 9.  On Saturday, Feb. 22, the team tied 1 to 1 against a Virginia Beach City FC team of all age groups.  


Mystic Magic: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Mystic Magic
Retrieved from Pinterest.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     I know it has been a week since diving into Aleister Crowley, but this week I wanted to talk about an organization he was in for a brief time, and an organization that influenced the creator of Wicca, Gerald Brosseau Gardner. That organization is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

     First off, what in the world is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? The answer to that question is an odd one, for sure. According to the New World Encyclopedia, the Hermetic Order was a “magical order of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which practiced various forms of theurgy and spiritual occultism.” Basically, it was a group of people who met up in a religious context and did spooky stuff.


OLP:  A New Kind of Sport


Descending on rope

     Are you tired of the typical sports, like soccer, basketball, etc.?  Well, you are in-luck because the University of Lynchburg’s Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) is excited to take you on an adventure that you have never gone on before!  Some activities that OLP hosts are rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, whitewater rafting, and – even – caving.

     The OLP activities are centered around fun and adventure while in a positive environment.  “I am really excited for all the awesome trips this semester with the Outdoor Leadership Program.  It is a great program that allows students to gain leadership experience while having fun in the outdoors,” said OLP Experienced Guide and third-year student Nat Hanno.


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Second Year Vibes: Sacrifices for Love 

Love (Second Year Vibes ad picture from google images)
Picture taken from Google Images

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     Sadhu Vaswani is attributed with saying, “Love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.” With the way the Internet can be, I am not sure if he truly said that, but I do believe these words are true. In Hallmark movies and the like, love is portrayed as a beautiful, easy thing. Love is beautiful, but I have never known it to be easy. Truly loving someone changes you completely.