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A newly organized chess club at the University of Lynchburg hosted its second meeting for members to play games of chess on Tuesday, March 21. 

Ben Myers, founder of the chess club said, “We believe that the club is important for students because it provides a place for them to connect with each other over a shared interest, and allows them to see what it is like to play the game of chess in a community setting.”

The chess club is open to all students, and 24 new members joined to play opponents and  cement new friendships.

Chess players of all skill levels are welcome. Myers stated, “You need to know absolutely nothing about chess to join the club. There are many of us who are members of the club who would be more than happy to teach you how to play.”

Inclusivity is a main message of the chess club, Myers adds. “Our goal is to create an environment where people feel welcome and can experience the game of chess, no matter what kind of skill level they are at. We believe that playing chess is an incredible skill that can help in many aspects of life, and we want people to be able to have a place where they are able to do that,” he said. 

New member Landon Ellis said, “In this club, I feel like everyone is coming together under the common interest of chess. I can meet tons of people who also enjoy chess.

The new chess club at the University of Lynchburg is always looking to give opportunities to people to come play and learn together. 

As founder Ben Myers stated, “Chess can be a lot like life. You can make mistakes, but there are still opportunities to turn the game around with a bit of calculation and analysis.”

To join the chess club, stay alert for weekly emails regarding club meeting times and locations!

For more information, contact Ben Myers at or Landon Ellis at

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