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The new Five Nights at Freddy’s movie has finally premiered and has been receiving many mixed reviews.

With a critics rating of 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie itself was on the border of being both wholesome and horrifying.

The story was centered around Josh Hutcherson’s character, Mike Schimdt, trying to keep a job to help support himself and his sister.

After being introduced to working at the iconic game location, it is revealed that Hutcherson’s character has been reliving a single tragic moment which influences many decisions throughout the movie. 

While the horror aspect is minimal, the movie makes up for it with the sympathetic background of the characters.

Now, the rest of this article will have some spoilers to it.

What was most confusing about the movie was how Abby, sister to main character Mike, played by Piper Rubio, was having the same dreams as Mike about their brother being kidnapped.

When Mink goes through Abby’s drawings we see that she has been drawing the spirits of the kids that possess the animatronics, and has been talking about them being her friends this whole time.

It was a very confusing plot point that I was not able to wrap my head around for the movie.

Focusing more on the horror, there were only three really gruesome kills that I believe were meant to scare the audience, but other than that, the horror was lacking.

The movie itself was carried mostly by the connection between Mike and Abby, and the message to not be stuck in the past.

The movie was enjoyable to watch, but lacked the scare factor.

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