Written by Adriana Barbour ~ Staff Writer

Photo depicting stop bullying image. Retrieved from https://www.paisd.org/departments/guidance-and-counseling/anti-bullying.

October is Anti-Bullying month and the University of Lynchburg notified  students via email regarding the new University of Lynchburg Anti-Bullying Policy.

The policy states that, “The purpose of this policy is to communicate to all students, faculty and staff that the University of Lynchburg is committed to providing a learning, living and working culture where everyone is treated with respect.”

It is important for the student body to have a safe environment where they can flourish.

Freshman Zoe Rosson, “I think the University of Lynchburg has a very positive and welcoming atmosphere.”

The University of Lynchburg has made it clear that Bullying will not be tolerated by anyone.

The policy states, “Community Expectations and Restorative Practices will investigate and address complaints of bullying involving students.”

Whether or not the bullying was intentional or unintentional will not be taken into consideration when the disciplinary action is being decided. 

Freshman Irene Noudigoto said , “I do think the school does a great job making sure every party involved gets their voices heard.”  

Noudigoto also states, “I really appreciate the email because it breaks down the different types of bullying.”

The policy explains five types of bullying: classroom bullying, social bullying, physical bullying,verbal bullying and non-verbal bullying.

More information about the policy can be found here.

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