Written By: Victoria Williamson ~ Assistant Sports Editor

Zach Whelan on Shellenberger Field. Photographed by Cassandra Latyak.

Lynchburg Men’s Soccer team had a successful homecoming weekend, beating Guilford College 2-0 last Saturday. Multiple alumni showed their support at the game and attended the tailgate held afterwards.

Senior midfielder Zach Whelan scored one of the two goals for the game, and was able to celebrate with the alumni.

“The alumni were there, and after we scored a goal they would be standing in the corner to celebrate us. It was pretty fun,” said Whelan.

When preparing for the game, assistant head coach Joshua Hinkle tries to keep a normal game day routine.

“Not much changed for homecoming. We did have a lot of alumni in attendance, so allowing the players to talk and engage with them before the game was a great experience,” said Hinkle. 

Not only was it homecoming weekend, but also a “code red” game, so many students also came to support the team. 

“It’s so cool to see all of the different teams bringing down couches and chairs from the balconies to sit together and support the team,” said freshman middle hitter Ava Meinhart, on the Women’s Volleyball Team.

After the triumphant game, a tailgate was held on campus for alumni, teachers, students and family. 

“The men’s soccer team had a good tailgate, we watched the women’s soccer game from the track and that brought a lot of energy,” said Whelan. 

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