Written By: Victoria Williamson ~ Assistant Sports Editor

Anna Dorrestijn takes possession of the ball during a Field Hockey game. Photographed by Victor Newman.

After scoring the game-winning goal against Shenandoah in overtime, Lynchburg Field Hockey forward Anna Dorrestijn was named ODAC player of the week for week five.

“It being overtime and the score 1-1, I feel like I was in the right place at the right time for the goal. It is an honor to get this recognition,” said Dorrestijn.

This is the second goal of the season for the freshman forward. She scored her first at the 2-0 game against York the week before.

“Anna has progressed well throughout the season, earning more confidence and minutes. With scoring two goals and the number of assists, her trajectory is upwards,” said Assistant Coach Noah den Hartog.

Since coming to the University of Lynchburg, Dorrestijn has experienced high intensity practices that prepared her for the overtime game-winning goal.

“We had a lot of intrasquad scrimmages and did a lot of drills that helped us go through game-like situations,” Anna said.

Not only being a force on the field, Dorrestijn’s teammates see her dedication to growing in her skill off the field as well.

“She works hard on and off the field and in the weight room…She has high expectations for herself and the team, it really helps keep a good team environment,” said freshman midfielder Tatum Humphries.

With her commitment to the game and devotion to her teammates, Anna Dorrestijn’s future on the University of Lynchburg’s Field Hockey team is looking bright.

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