Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

This week the University of Lynchburg faculty, along with the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and Lynchburg Q, collaborated to present the campus with Lavender Week.

Lavender Week is spanning from Oct. 23 to Oct. 27 in order to celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month.

Matthew Jonhston, director of student diversity and belonging, stated that, when coming up with the events, that they were meant to center the voices of LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff.

Johnston stated, “Multiple events have been planned ranging from a Silent March to protest ongoing persecution of the LGBTQ+ community, to a Courageous Conversation with Jamie Pandit.”

The University aims for and celebrates diversity among its community, and would like to give students the opportunity to learn and celebrate each other.

“As a university community that is dedicated to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, students should be involved as a way to honor and show allyship to our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters,” says Johnston.

Johnston urges that the events are designed to center the voices of the LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff, and aim to enrich the contributions they make to the community. 

Dr. Kelly Jacobson, faculty advisor for the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, stated that, “The GSA has been working very hard all semester to organize this incredible week of events for queer students and allies on campus.”

The week is full of several events including LGBTQ+ trivia, a Q&A with influencer Jamie Pandit, and ends on Friday, Oct. 27 with a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Both allies and those that are part of the LGBTQ+ community are invited to participate in Lavender Week’s schedule of events. 
To learn more about Lynchburg Q and other affinity groups on campus visit here.

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