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Something we did not discuss when first looking at Tyr’s Aett is how it also deals with general life concerns as well as handling life and creation.

We left off with the runes Tiwaz, Berkano, Ehwaz and Mannaz. This week we move on to Laguz, Inguz, Othila and Dagaz to finish Tyr’s Aett.

Laguz is equivalent to water and the animals inside of it. It is related to Njord who watches over the sailors and controls all waters on the Earth. When you think of this rune on a journey, whether it be physical or mental, your journey will be safe. 

Laguz is a rune that helps people to feel empowered and strong, even in situations where you feel powerless. When manifesting with this rune, you can expect things to be clear and allow you to relax.


Inguz is equivalent to doorways and how we use them to move through life. It is attributed to having a fresh start. People will use this rune to rest and then continue their journey. Inguz will show how good health is needed to move forward with new ideas you come up with. When you manifest this rune, it will help you to remove toxic relationships from your life and help you move on to be free and have a break.


Othila is equivalent to home, whether that be the place or your family. There is a large association with land and fertility of it, which shows wealth and stability. Prosperity, and ownership can be linked to Othila, so when it shows up it can mean you will gain wealth. You can also find that your family needs attention or help, but it will be a good time for your family. This could be expanding your home or your family itself.


Dagaz is equivalent to the day itself, and is closely related to the best days in the year, like those warm summer days. It is a rune of happiness and hope that can end periods of stress. Benevolent change is often seen with this rune, and will let you move through your journey, as is the general idea in this aett. When you manifest your rune, you can find high spirits that will help you find a break to relax when needed.


With that, we end Tyr’s Aett and the Futhark alphabet. But there is another rune that some have added to the end of the alphabet recently. Wyrd, the Blank Rune that is associated with fate or destiny. It is not a written letter in the alphabet, but it has been seen as a way to associate with spirits and mankind. We will finish this series next week with ways to manifest runes. Feel free to try it first and come back to try again.


Runes, Your Personal Guide

By: Jan Budkowski

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