Written by Allison Hudgin ~ Staff Writer

Photo of Lynchburg Club Cheer team taken by Allison Hudgins. 

Midnight Madness was the kickoff event for Homecoming and Parents and Family Weekend. 

Amidst the countless hours that students spend on studying, school spirit is the perpetual force that brings the college closer in fighting spirit. 

The Lynchburg Dance team helped to raise school spirit by energizing audience members through their upbeat, choreographed dance performance.

Hillary Scott, head coach of the men’s basketball team notices the difference that school spirit has on his players when they are on the court.  

“Something that we preach with our team is energy, enthusiasm and trying to bring that every day. But you know, having that crowd backing you and cheering…our guys coming out and having the stand packed. It means a lot.”

Both the men and women’s basketball teams performed warm up drills and tricks for the audience as they cheered. 

Sammy Sever, senior on the women’s basketball team, sees that when the students come to events it brings a sense of unity.

“They just get us ready for our games and it makes everyone come and support us, which is a good thing and it just helps everyone be able to be ready for our basketball season,”said Sever. 

The Cheer team gave an amazing performance for the school, they not only encouraged the team, they got the crowd riled up. 

The Lynchburg Cheer team also performed a routine to excite the student body, alumni and community members in attendance.  

William MacGyver, head of the Cheer team encourages students to get more involved in supporting the teams.

MacGyver said, “I’m always saying if you can’t play a sport, but you love the sport, support them whether that is being on a cheer program, dance or even the spirit.”

Kaylah Shuler, senior on the Women’s basketball team explains how Code Red brings creative expression of school spirit.

Lynchburg sports teams have a long tradition of hosting “Code Red” games where the student body attends in all red clothing, in an effort to show spirit and unity. 

“For me, I think it’s when there’s code red games and the whole crowd is involved in it. People would wear funny shirts. Code Red is an event where there’s a specific sport playing and all the teams come out and just show love and support each other and we just have fun with it,” said  Schuler. 

Photo of Lynchburg men’s basketball team taken by Allison Hudgins.

To stay updated on future games and the beginning of the basketball season, visit the Lynchburg sports website. 

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