Written by Adriana Barbour ~ Staff Writer

Picture found in an email sent by the Office of Housing and Residence Life

University of Lynchburg’s laundry vendors, Caldwell and Gregory, decided to transition the laundry process from a physical laundry card to an app called Speed Queen.

The Director of Housing and Residence Life, Courtney Kelsey says, “The app allows students to add funds to their account, as well as view all machines in every laundry room to see what machines are in use, as well as track the end time of their load and receive a reminder via text or email.”

There are three rooms with a total of eight washers and dryers, folding tables and a restroom. Not only is the house a place to do laundry but there will also be a chill area with a vending machine that will be added next week.

The address is 504 Westwood Avenue and Kelsey adds, “There is a central location regardless of what street you live on.”

Due to the expanse of southside housing some students may still have to walk, however students with vehicles are provided a parking lot with gravel lot across the street.

Senior Gavin Weitendorf states, “I have to either wait for my roommate to do his laundry or I have to walk across campus to my laundry.”

Now that the house is finally open Kelsey states, “I hope that students will find the space meets their needs, and has really been long overdue.”

Junior Miles West says, “The school could have started on preparing during the summer” in order for the students to be able to use it by the beginning of the year. 

West adds that the new system will make it easier for students.
More information about the app Speed Queen and laundry services can be found here

Picture of the new building, found in an email sent by the Office of Housing and Residence Life

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