5 February 2013

Billy Madison Staff Writer

The Lynchburg Men’s Basketball team currently holds an overall record of 16-5. This is the best record they have had since the 1974-75 season, where the Hornets set a school-best winning percentage of .833. 

Head Coach Hilliary Scott said they have made many changes this season that led to their success.

 “Scheduling has made a difference. We’ve played Division I teams in the past and obviously it can be a good experience for us to play against some better competition, get us ready for the league, but most of the time those are going to be losses. This year we didn’t play any Division I teams, we played all Division III teams, we felt like we had a chance to win those games, and ultimately we went 9-0 out of conference this year,” Scott said. 

According to LC records, the Hornets’ undefeated out-of-conference record of 9-0 has never been done. With this kind of success, a big part is emphasized throughout the Hornets’ training period. Scott-said his team has concentrated on their aspect of winning those tight games. 

“I think one of the biggest things is that we are finding ways to win those close games. We’ve had a ton of those since I’ve been here. Now this year we’ve found ways to win close games,” Scott said. 

The Hornets’ seniors said Scott’s coaching abilities are definitely making a difference on and off the court. They said there are many factors that have contributed to their success this season, including how close they have become as a team, the cooperation they have shown Scott and their growth academically in the classroom. 

“I would say our closeness. I think this is the closest team we’ve ever had and I think that, you know, everyone has done what Coach Scott has asked them to do. And this is the best year our GPA has ever been as a whole from an academic standpoint,” said senior and guard Robby Kaiser. 

Looking at the overall record of 16-5 this season, compared to that of last season’s 15-11, something changed throughout the team’s outlook on the game of basketball. Senior and center Austin Chillemi said he thinks that the amount of experience they have from being in close-game situations over the previous three years has helped the team tremendously this season.

“This year I think it’s that we have a lot more experience. We have about nine or ten guys that have been playing here two years or more, and those past years we’d always get close games we’ll lose them, and here we have a lot more experience and now we are winning these close games instead of losing them,” Chillemi said. 

The team looks to continue their success and advance their record to 17-5 this Wednesday, Feb. 6, as they host the Roanoke Maroons at 7:00 p.m.

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