October 8, 1930

The annual psychological examination prepared by the American Council of Education, was given to the Freshmen class by Dr. R.C. Sommerville and assistants Monday morning at 11 o’clock. This examination is given annually to all college Freshmen in the United States. Last year 20,000 students were examined. In comparing Lynchburg College with other colleges, the local first year classmen usually rank well. 

According to Dr. Somerville, head of the Education and Psychology department, the results of this examination are useful in comparing the local students with corresponding groups from other colleges. Dean McPherson uses the individual records in his capacity as adviser to the students. Often the record has proved helpful in counseling a student in  his studies. The examination does not give the “I. Q.” or intelligence quotient of the student, but gives the relative standing of the individual, as good, fair, and poor. 

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