Written By: Victoria Williamson

Abbey Barlow celebrates a point against Roanoke College. Photographed by Stiler Design.

Having an encouraging atmosphere at a sporting event can sometimes redirect the outcome. That is why the University of Lynchburg’s student section is highly valuable and hopes to continue growing.

With the ODAC games up and running, there has been a good turnout of fans for fall sports. Abbey Barlow, sophomore defensive specialist on the Women’s Volleyball Team, has both cheered from the stands and received it on the court.

“The student section impacts our environment so much. Having everyone there showing their support always gets us pumped up and ready to play,” said Barlow.

In order to promote games, each team holds a “Code Red” home event and all fellow student-athletes are required to attend the event to support. 

Being a sophomore on the Women’s Basketball team and Track and Field Team at Lynchburg, Kacey Kelley has been to her fair share of Code Red events.

“I feel we have a good amount of code red games and teams are good at showing up…and honestly I feel they can carry a team to a victory,” said Kelly.

Lynchburg has had a lot of success with creating social media pages for each sports team on Instagram. Advertising game days, wins, birthdays, etc. daily is what keeps students involved with the sports teams.

“I think I get notified because of Lynchburg sports instagram, along with having each sport’s own individual instagram,” said Barlow when asked how she gets notified about games.

With the use of social media and “Code Red” events, Lynchburg hopes to grow the student-section as it increases the overall play and atmosphere of the events.

Keep up to date with Code Red sports events by following Lynchburg Sports on Instagram.

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