Staff Writers: Emma Myers and Allison Hudgins

On September 23, The University of Lynchburg’s Hispanic Student Society hosted Celebrar Mi Bandera, an event that celebrates Hispanic Culture from different parts of the world. At the event, those that attended learned about Colombia, Brasil, and saw two dances. 

Leila Sarmiento , President of HSS, said, “ This event is mainly to celebrate the flags of the Latin American countries and their independence. We try to do this event around September because most Latin American countries have their independence days during this time.

There were presentations of multiple Hispanic countries, including Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, and more. 

Sarmiento added, “I am so excited to see all of the cultures together. There are so many different cultural aspects when it comes to Latinos and Hispanics that come together on this special day to make everything happen!” 

Jonathan Suarez, sophomore, gave a presentation on Colombia. 

Suarez said, “ I am very Lucky to be able to present Colombia. My country is very beautiful and I believe that everyone should learn about it and visit if they have the chance to.”

He explains that there are 3 Colombian Soccer teams. Half of his family is Atletico nacional fans and the other half of his family is Independiente Medellin fans. He said that game days can get pretty crazy and awkward. 

Alexandra Brewton went to the event and said, “I learned quite a bit from each culture and I like how they were deeper into the food as well as other types of traditions. Most of all it was definitely the physical demonstrations,  I’m sure that took a lot of preparation and practice so it was greatly appreciated and very fun to experience. “ 

She was deeply pleased with the amount of effort that the Hispanic Student Society has shown since it is really important for us to expand our knowledge. 

To find out more about the Hispanic Student Society has plenty of information and their Instagram page. 

Here are the next following events that the Hispanic Student Society will host 

-September 29: dell beach with hss, 2-4pm, on the dell 

-October 9: dia dela raza 3-4pm,Schewel 214 

-October 16:pan con cafe ○ 10-12pm,friendship circle 

-November 1: Dia delos muertos ○ Tbd, 6-7:15pm

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