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   SJ Sindu reading from their upcoming novel. Photo taken by Emma Myers

The Richard H. Thornton Endowment in English at the University of Lynchburg has brought creative and experienced writers to the university since 1975, with the latest being author SJ Sindu.

Sindu read an excerpt from their upcoming book, “The Goth House Experiment: And Other Stories”. Sindu chose a short story called “Miracle Boy.” 

The story “Miracle Boy” detailed the life of a young boy nicknamed “Peter”, who grew wings on a random day in class. He went from being a quiet outcast to the center of attention in his town; as his town was convinced that a mere feather plucked from Peter’s wings could perform miracles. The main character, a sick classmate of Peter’s, questioned the validity of his ability. 

The entire story served as a commentary on the religious structures we see in modern society. 

“Marriage Of A Thousand Lies” is another short story by Sindu, which won the Publishing Triangle Edmund White Award. This book is about a man and a woman who are both gay and marry to stay in the closet for their conservative families. 

After talking a bit about their work, Sindu hosted a brief question and answer session where they went in depth on key moments of their life and work.

They graduated from Florida State University with their PhD in English and Creative Writing, and are currently a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

Kaleigh Bennett, a freshman who attended the event stated, “It was an insightful event and I really enjoyed it.” 

Clair Humphreys, also a freshman, added, “I really enjoyed the reading. SJ Sindu was great.”

To find information about the next Thornton Reading, you can visit this link: .

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