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Photo of Student Government Association Cabinet meeting. Photo provided by Marques Armstrong. 

The University of Lynchburg’s Student Government Association (SGA) hopes to rally students together this school year and place an emphasis on the importance of student involvement. 

Junior Marques Armstrong, serves as the student body president for the 2023-2024 school year, along with his six person cabinet. “This year I want to be there for the student body,” says Armstrong. 

SGA is passionate about bringing students together to celebrate one another, starting with half time at sports events. 

Vice President of External Affairs, Alicia Lawrence created the idea of ‘Hornet Halftime’ where SGA would host halftime events with raffles and gifts to get students energized for sports games. 

“I wanted to form a greater connection between students and student athletes, and give students the opportunity to engage during the games,” says Lawrence. 

Although the first Hornet Halftime has not been scheduled, there are several in the works for upcoming home games this semester. 

Around midterms, SGA is hoping to increase mental health events and efforts on campus to help support students during a stressful time as well. 

Students who wish to have certain types of events or have something that they want to voice can go to the Senate meetings, where their voice is directly heard by SGA.

The first Senate meeting is scheduled for Sept. 6 and Armstrong encourages students to come out to the meetings, because many discussions are had and decisions made that are important for the student body to understand. 

The agenda for Senate meetings is released a week and one day before the meeting begins, so that students have ample time to know what to expect. 

All students are welcome to attend these meetings, as well as speak or present on an issue that is important to them. 

Support from administration and the Board of Trustees helps to empower students in SGA and help them reach their goals. 

“Every time I see them they are supporting me, asking me what we have coming up and asking if there’s anything they can help with,” says Armstrong. 

There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved with SGA throughout the school year. 

Cabinet member, Za’lexia Bogan says, “It’s only my second year at the university, but joining SGA has given me a voice that I never thought I had.”

To learn more about joining SGA and to keep up to date with upcoming events by visiting their instagram page: @lynchburgsga.

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