Written by: Allison Hudgins

Photo of international flags in Drysdale Student Center. Photo taken by Izzie Kirkwood. 

Seventy-three international students joined the Hive at the University of Lynchburg shattering the previous record for international student attendance.

The University now houses about 120 international students, many of whom have overcome insurmountable obstacles and left their families to seek an education.

“They don’t want you to leave them alone. They want you to grow in the country, die in the country,” said Oluwatimilehin Mayowa  who is the social media manager for The Critograph and  is from southern Nigeria.

For many international students, Lynchburg is a huge cultural adjustment. 

Swaayush Koirala from Kathmandu, Nepal said, “Definitely the food is your biggest adjustment and it’s completely different…quite different and there are no spices in the food.”

He was pleased that the university is initiating and making better efforts to have more international foods. 

Dikshya Pokharel who is from Butwal, Nepal has only been off campus a couple of times to get the resources that she needed for school.

She said, “But when we sometimes need to go out, being an international student, we don’t know most places, so I hope the university would help us to go somewhere with that.”

To learn more about the diversification of food in the cafeteria, contact Michial Neal, Dining Services Co-director and chef at neal@lynchburg.edu and about The Center for Global Education email Heather Ryan-Sigler at sigler.h@lynchburg.edu

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