Changes to Priority Week at Lynchburg 

Alyssa Wilson ~ Editor-in-Chief 

An article was recently published on the Critograph’s website about Priority Week at Lynchburg, a week given to students to fill out a survey that will aid administration in the preparation for its SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation. 

This article, written by Izzie Kirkwood, outlines the way that students are feeling about Priority Week, which is not a priority for most students. 

The Critograph reached out to the Student Government Association to ask what their leadership thought about the survey. Due to this, SGA’s Student Body President, Claire King took the concerns of students to administration, resulting in several changes to Priority Week. 

“In my recent meetings with university leaders, the importance of student response to the survey has been stressed and defined as critical to its success. With this being said, I will reach out to them as soon as possible to communicate these concerns,” said King. 

King presented a possible outline of how changes to the survey may look: 

  1. Ensure the purpose and meaning of the survey is effectively communicated. 
  2. Assure this information, as well as the survey link itself, reaches its intended audiences. 
  3. Reflect on current student pressures and demands which could negatively impact response rates, subsequently skewing a representative summary of student wellbeing and priorities. 
  4. Consider extending the survey past March 3, 2023 or promoting another Priority Week date when students return from spring break.

King shared the concerns read in the Critograph article posted on March 3 to President Alison Morrison-Shetlar, Vice President for University Data, analytics and effectiveness, Christy Cole and Eric Baldwin, Vice President for Student Development. 

On Monday, March 6 students received an email stating that the time to complete the survey will be extended till the end of March. 

The email, sent by Cole states “Your priorities are our priorities and we place a great value on any feedback you have about your experiences at the University of Lynchburg! Your participation in this survey is a critical component of our upcoming accreditation review with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).” 

Students can access the survey here.

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