Suiting Up in Schewel Hall

Izzie Kirkwood ~ Intern

On the third floor of Schewel Hall at the University of Lynchburg, sits a student’s dream closet.

The ‘Suit Yourself’ closet is a project dedicated to helping provide students with formal wear for interviews, ceremonies and many other events. 

Dr. James Roux, professor of Communication Studies, started this project to help the students in his Business and Professional Communication class when they did not have attire for their required mock interviews. 

“Over the years, increasingly, my students did not have appropriate interview clothing,” he explained. 

The demand soon grew beyond just the students enrolled in business classes. 

“After talking more, I realized that more people did not have etiquette clothing. It just grew the need for it,” Roux said. 

Allison Schroeder, senior administrative assistant for the Lynchburg College of Arts and Sciences, helps Roux in the upkeep and advertising of the closet. 

“Somebody puts on a suit and it empowers them in a way,” she said. “It makes them feel more professional, more adult, more prepared for the working world.”

These clothes go beyond just events that take place on campus, however. 

“The clothing does not just have to be used for a job interview. It can be kept and used by the student forever,” Schroeder elaborated. 

Some students, such as sophomore Charlie Maass, have already used the closet and believe that it is a helpful place for students to have access to. 

“It is important because not everyone on campus can afford new or used formal clothing,” Maass said. “I think that students should use the closet as a way to see if they can save some money on making a good first impression.”

The entire closet is available for any student to use, free of charge. 

To find out more information, or to get your own formal attire, contact Allison Schroeder in Schewel 326, Cathy Phillips in Schewel 314 or Jimmy Roux in Schewel 323. 

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