New Self Defense Class at Lynchburg

Ali Morrison ~ Assistant News Editor

Housing and Residence Life Partner with Wellness to Teach Self Defense 

A self defense course opened up for faculty, students and staff last Wednesday, led by Ricky Reiss and Jamie Smith. This course was started in response to some of the recent security concerns both on and off campus. 

The course was designed to educate participants on how to defend themselves from oncoming attacks,provide information on relevant issues like how to tell a bartender that you need help or how to seek assistance from Campus Security. 

Ricky Reiss, Assistant Director of Staff Engagement and Certified Instructor, said, “The Dining Staff expressed concern about walking by themselves to their cars at night and how it can be scary with the way things are today.” She further explained how important it is to have not just the skills to protect yourself, but the confidence and the voice as well. 

Reiss, along with Smith,felt that this kind of workshop should be included for orientation. “It’s a new place, and it would be really good to have it even as an option.” Reiss said. 

Stacy Gallahan, a student who participated in the course, said, “I just wanted real life skills that I can apply in situations where I may be in danger or uncomfortable. I think I can defend myself easily, but in reality, I don’t have those skills.”

To get those skills, as well as other educational information, there will be more workshops in the coming month that vary on time and day. The next Self Defense workshop will be in March, with more information to follow. 

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