Written by Caroline Gilmore ~ Marketing Manager

Photo taken by Josie LaPrad ’23.

On a rainy Halloween night, the students of the University of Lynchburg gathered in the Drysdale Student Center for some trick-or-treating, pumpkin painting, and socializing with different organizations.

The event, sponsored by the Student Activities Board, was moved from the Dell to Drysdale after rain throughout the day forced SAB to relocate the event. 

Different organizations including the Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP), Christian Outreach (CRU) and yours truly were stationed at tables giving away free candy and SAB handed out caramel apples.

There were multiple students dressed in costume as “professional scarers” attempting to creep out some of the trick-or-treaters as they went past.

Charlie Maass ’25 said, “It was fun to watch 6 foot tall men scream in terror as a clown chased them out of the hallway.”

Across the Hundley Highway in Hall Campus Center was a VR Haunted House (or haunted headset, if you will) that several students said fulfilled their spooky Halloween wishes.

Gillian Trost ’22 said, “Screams on the Dell was a great opportunity to be spooked and have fun with all my friends. My favorite part was the VR experience. I loved not knowing what to expect and then being put into a scary VR headset.”

Along with the free candy, there was also a costume contest going on in Drysdale, with the big prize being a Nintendo Switch.

Later, a student dressed as Kermit the Frog won in a landslide victory that was lauded by students.

Tori Rogers ’24 said, “I knew it was a long shot to win the Nintendo Switch as soon as I looked in the bucket of slips and all I saw was Kermit. Kermit everywhere. I guess it is easy being green.”

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