By Jordan Abbott ~ Guest Writer 

Photo from Delight’s kickoff night, taken from @delight_lynchburg on Instagram retrieved by Jordan Abbott. 

A chapter of Delight Ministries was started on campus at the beginning of the semester to provide a “Christ-centered community for women @ UofL,” according to the group’s Instagram page. 

Sophomore social media coordinator and team director for the chapter, Riley Winefordner says, “Basically, when I came in freshman year I knew that I wanted a Christ-centered community and I didn’t have fellowship in high school at all, so it was something I was really looking for when I came to college. I found some groups that I really enjoyed, but I was really craving that women’s group where I could be more vulnerable and connect with women and really share struggles while still learning about God, and honestly having a place where I could come week to week knowing that everything else fades away and be with other Godly women who can encourage me.”

Delight Ministries is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and has 205 chapters at colleges all across the country. \

The main goal of the organization is to provide college women with a community to worship with and reflect on how God has impacted their lives. 

The group has been meeting weekly since the beginning of September, and has held one off-campus community event so far. 

Next semester, the group’s leaders hope to bring in more members, and strengthen their ability to lead meetings and teach the scripture. 

The group’s service event coordinator, senior Kodi Payne says, “Don’t be intimidated at any point in the semester. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to a meeting yet, or like, you’ve been to one or two. You can come any time and we’d love to have you.” 

The group meets Monday nights at 8 p.m. in Schewell 229. For more information, visit the Delight Lynchburg’s Instagram page, or   


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