NCAA Faculty Representatives

By Emily Brubaker~ Guest Writer 

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The University of Lynchburg has two faculty representatives for the NCAA to help balance life between academics and athletics.

Dr. Adam Dean, History department Chair, and Dean Nancy Hubbard, Dean of the College of Business, are advisors to 577 student-athletes to help monitor athletes’ well-being along with having academic oversight for each athlete. 

Dean has been a representative for four years and has loved seeing the athletics department grow while seeing coaches committed to the academic success of their players. 

“In helping students succeed academically and succeed in life, most of the problems come from not showing up,” said Dean. 

Since athletes are students first, being present in class is just as important as showing up for practice to help students maintain good grades and strong athletic abilities. 

Kevin Arrington, an accounting professor, is teaching about 50% of athletes in his classes this semester and has to work with many athletes with varying schedules. 

Arrington said, “Seasonality is a big thing and I like to be as accommodating as I can.”

As a professor, showing up can be a vital step to just show that a student is trying and willing to put in the effort to stay caught up.

While Arrington has never had to use Dean or Hubbard before, knowing that they could be a resource is encouraging for the relationship between professor and student.

Hubbard has also been a rep for about five years and came from another D3 school, Goucher College.  

She sees how Lynchburg encourages athletes to excel on and off the field and finds it to be impactful on her life. 

“Enjoy it, and while winning is important…take the time to sit and drink it in,” said Hubbard. 

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