By Emily Erickson ~ Guest Writer

Informational flier including details about the study abroad trip to India from the Center for Global Education .  

University of Lynchburg study abroad program plans to travel to India during the 2023 J-Term under the guidance of Professor Steve Dawson

Dawson said, “One of the things I love about study abroad in general and not this particular program is the kind of engagement and curiosity that we rarely if ever get that kind of engagement in the classroom.”

While in India, students are expected to keep a travel journal of their experiences while visiting different parts of the country. 

Throughout the trip, students on the trip will be tasked with assignments.

Dawson said, “The way that it is organized is I’ll have a number of readings that will be posted on Moodle… there will probably be some short writing responses attached to that.”

A common misconception about study abroad programs is that they can be quite difficult to afford especially when going to such great distances like India. 

The Experiential Learning Grant, set up by the University, helps to cover nearly 50% of tuition costs for trips that take place in January and summer terms. 

Declan Pratt, the director of the Center for Global Education, said, “We do have scholarships, some students get in excess $1500 in scholarships.”

To learn more about the study abroad trip to India, contact the Center for Global Education at or to find out more about future trips visit  for more information. 

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