Photograph of Mission House Worker by Em Maxey

By Caroline Gilmore ~ Marketing Manager and Em Maxey ~ Assistant Editor 

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Brewed by Mission House opened its doors in Schewel Hall. 

Mission House Coffee was founded in 2018 by Tommy and Amanda Clark, with its first location being in River Ridge Mall.

Since then they have added a location downtown on Commerce Street, and they have another location opening on September 10th in the Cornerstone neighborhood.

“Mission House Coffee has extremely delicious Hot chocolate,” sophomore Charlotte Gibbs states, “In my opinion it is on par with the Muse.” 

The company supports local nonprofits each month through its “Round-Up” Program, this month allowing customers to round up the amount of their purchase to support Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Brewed by Mission House their menu will soon be available online at the University Dining Services website.

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