Lynchburg Thrift: Making Southside Feel Like HOME

By Caroline Gilmore ~ Marketing Manager

Photo Credit: estatesandconsignments on Instagram

At the University of Lynchburg, the phrase “Here You’re Home” is central to the brand and identity of the campus.

However furnishing that home can be a challenge for some Southside residents, as quality furniture can be difficult to afford. 

Luckily, there are a few places in Lynchburg where students may be able to find a ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ deal.

Sydni Spradlin ’23, said she takes advantage of the nearby ReStore, a second hand furniture store from the Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity

Lynchburg Treasure Hunt, a discount store located on Lakeside Drive, has modern furniture that is marked down as a result of overstocking or from defects that do not affect their structural integrity. 

Estates & Consignments, located downtown, is an antique store with a large variety of furniture, from tables and chairs to decorative plates, vases, and more. 

While many of their items may be a bit beyond a student budget, it is possible to find some good deals here. You can find them on Instagram at @estatesandconsignments.

Several students said they found success on online marketplaces like eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, where they can filter by location and price.

These ‘digital yard sale,’ sites are great for browsing low-cost items in your area, but you should always be cautious when dealing with strangers on these sites. 

Bring someone with you, for safety and to help transport your purchase, and let people know where you are going ahead of time.

Remember, the most important thing to consider when shopping second hand is functionality. 

If you are uncertain about  the quality of an item, always ask to test it. 

Happy bargain hunting!

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