Welcome to the Hive Class of 2026!

Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Caption: University of Lynchburg Class of 2026

The class of 2026 was welcomed to the University of Lynchburg community with a series of Hornet Days  hosted from  August 19th through the 21st.

The aim of Hornet Days is to help  first-year students and their parents acclimate to campus life.

Among the traditional opening ceremony and class photo, there were many seminars revolving around traditions of the campus and community expectations. 

Kristen Cooper, associate vice-president for Student Development, said, “Hornet Days is an opportunity for us to introduce new Hornets to the campus community. It includes first-year students, transfer students, etc. And really allows us to introduce them to resources, provide them an opportunity to connect with each other, and provide them an opportunity to connect with faculty, staff, and administrators.”

Cooper also said, “I hope that First-year students and transfer students use these days to create an environment for them that they’re super excited to be a part of and that they want to be on campus. They want to be a part of our family and our community.”

Annette Stadtherr, director of Parent, Family, and New Student Connections said, “There was a lot of planning for Hornet Days as it was different from past years. This was the first time we included a parents and families component to the program. In the past, Hornet Days was just for our new students and really the primary focus was on our first years.  This year, however, we have emphasized in all of our correspondence that Hornet Days is for all of our new Hornets including all students – first years, transfers, commuters, internationals, and Access – as well as their parents and families.”

Stadtherr described the sessions as “intentional” and “high impact” for both parents and students.

“We wanted them to feel welcomed and celebrated,” Stadtherr stated. 

Some sessions included the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities who presented on diversity, equity and inclusion and an anti-hazing program from the LoveLikeAdam Foundation.

Stadtherr’s overarching goal was to bring a “sense of community, connectedness, and belonging to the University.” 

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