New Title IX Regulations and Coordinator

Em Maxey ~ Assistant Editor:

Margaret Pierre Photo by University of Lynchburg 

Margaret Pierre has joined the University of Lynchburg community as its new Title IX Coordinator. Title IX policies have been a hot button issue around the country especially in light of Roe v. Wade repeal.

“… In order to be in compliance with the US Department of Education, I acknowledge that there may be a need to change some of the current policies and procedures,” said Pierre. 

The Office of Equity and Inclusion will work closely with Pierre to draft policies that are equitible and provide a space free of harassment and discrimination, said Dr. Robert L. Canida II, vice president for Inclusive Excellence.

Some of the changes will include protection against discrimination in case oversight for LGBTQ+ students who are subject to discrimination based on the subject of “sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics.”

The new regulations also clearly reinforces the protection of all students and employees against all forms of sex based assault and discrimination (including but not limited to individuals that are pregnant or having pregnancy-induced conditions). 

Pierre said, “I am working closely with Title IX campus partners in reviewing the newly proposed Title IX Regulations in conjunction with the University’s Interpersonal Misconduct Policy.” 

Pierre has served as an Assistant District Attorney and a Special Prosecutor for Sexual Assault cases. She continues to use her knowledge from her role as a Senior Federal Equal Opportunity Litigation Attorney to help support her role as the Title IX Coordinator. 

Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Kristen Cooper, said, “The University aims to reduce and alleviate instances of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on campus. The University has been awarded and is in the implementation process of a second three-year cycle of the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women’s Campus Program Grant.”

This grant will be known as the HEART grant. Cooper hopes the HEART Project will bring cross-representation focusing on prevention education, victim services, training, and evaluating and enhancing protocols. 

Although the Title IX Coordinator is not a new position, the position has been broadened by President Allison Moorison-Shetlar.

Pierre’s scope of responsibilities will  include Title IX compliance with sexual harrasment policies and gender equity, compliance to the Title VI prohibition of discrimination of race, color or nationality for any program receiving federal funds, and the prevention of employment discrimination on the bases of race, color, religion sex and national origin through Title VII.

The Title IX office will be hostin g activities and events in October (National Domestic Violence Awareness Month) and April (National Sexual Assault Awareness Month). These events include the “Clothesline Project Exhibit,” “Survivors Rock Exhibit,” “Walk A Mile In Their Shoes,” and “It’s On US Pledge.”

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