Chiromancy: The art of Palm Reading

Written by Em Maxey ~ Assistant Editor

It would take the entire news print to tell you about the history and art of practicing palmistry (known in wiccan culture as chiromancy). Every culture that practices palmistry has a different way of reading the palm and the lines that it’s marked with. 

The overall size and shape of the hands indicate the generality of a person. Large hands can usually mean solidarity, creativity, and quietness while small hands can resemble hastiness, short tempers, and impatience. 

Square fingers or palms can be a signal of hard workers and laborers and narrow, thin hands are usually those of philosophers and thinkers. The length of the fingers are representative of how a person acts. 

Short fingers are quick and fast thinkers and doers who act on logic. Long fingers are individuals of feelings rather than reasoning. A balance of emotion and logic are often within those with medium fingers, well balanced to the size of the palm. 

Each of the fingers are named. Index finger is Jupiter which represents career and idealism. Those with longer forefingers are typically entrepreneurs and self-employers. Shorter Jupiter fingers indicate lack of self-motivation and confidence. 

Saturn is the middle finger that symbolizes psychology. 

Longer Saturn fingers represent solitude and love of privacy and learning while shorter middle fingers are often careless. The ring finger is thought to be that of beauty, fame, and fortune. The long ring fingers represent cultural awareness and fondness of history and/or arts. Too long of a ring finger may be a sign of egocentrism and obsession with money or gambling. 

The little finger, also known as Mercury, is the finger of communication. I have reason to believe that because the pinky finger is communication, this may have something to do with the origin of “Pinky Promises.” 

Shorter Mercury fingers are signs of poor communicators and long are symbolic of strong communication. Crooked pinky fingers are people of secrets and abnormally pointy pinky fingers are likely to have good psychic abilities. 

There are four main lines of the palm. 

  1. The heart line, located horizontally right below the fingers, 
  2. The head line (located below the heart line)
  3. The life line located in a curve beside the base of the thumb, 
  4. The fate line that runs opposed to the life line. 

A chained like heart line is likely to be representory of a good emotional communicator who expresses themselves clearly. A split in the heart line below the middle finger may be interpreted as a likely divorce. A long head line may represent curiosity and knowledge. 

The life line tells how long a person may live. There is a theory that the life line on the non-dominant hand is the one gifted from God(s) and the one on the dominant hand is what you do with it. The line on your dominant hand may grow shorter due to drug use, smoking, or alcohol. 

The Fate line runs down the side of the hand known as the percussion (the outer edge) and is an indication of character and destiny. Unbroken fate lines are an indication of good ethics, morality, and the strive to move forward. 

Although the artistry of practicing palm reading takes years to master, generalized palm readings can be learned in a couple of hours. Because we are always changing and growing, our palm readings may change as well. 

A reading from several years ago may no longer be accurate and because different practices believe in different lines and finger meanings, this may not always be perfect. As a reminder, this is a Wiccan evaluation of the basics of palmistry, therefore others may read palms differently. 

Best advice: always take readings with a grain of salt and remember, fate is in your hands. 

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