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I am worthy of good things https://zoella.co.uk/2020/09/02/50-positive-affirmations-to-calm-an-anxious-mind/

The theme of the month still stands. If you have been following Mystic Magic, you know that this month is focusing on forms of love and connections. When we think about love, one of the most important connections we can have is a connection with ourselves. Self-love and appreciation is one of the most rewarding forms of passion that someone can be gifted to have. There are many ways to improve your view of self-love. 

The most common way to strengthen self-love is with mantras and affirmations. Many times the biggest mistake to manifesting self-love through affirmations is using certain words. First of all, do not use negation. No, not, none, don’t, shouldn’t, can’t, and won’t simply will not work. The universe does not hear negation and will only put out the opposite of your intention. Other words to avoid are future words like will, going to, tomorrow, someday, and coming. When the universe hears that your manifestation is in the future, the universe preserves this idea into the future and the manifestation will never come. 

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to physically feel good. Simple ways to improve your physical being that impact your self-love is small workouts and yoga

Clearing your mind can be equally as important as physical health. Meditation is the easiest way to clear your head but simple self-care is sufficient as long as you find what works for you. Coloring, bathing, and journaling are great ways to help cleanse your mind. 

The most important advice to learning how to love yourself is to stop caring about what others think and stop comparing yourself to others. Stop letting people ruin your perception of yourself. That is way easier to write than to do, but when you erase in your mind the common, modern day definition of beauty and peak idealization, you learn that it is way more important to spread love through the universe than hate. 

Nothing is more rewarding than waking up, looking in the mirror and saying, I love you for who you are. Do not allow yourself to believe that you do not love yourself. When you can convince yourself to let go of the idea that no matter what you do, people are going to dislike you, disapprove of you, and discourage you, you will find a sense of freedom within yourself. 

Whether or not you had someone to call your own this past valentine’s day matters not. When you learn to love yourself, you have the most powerful form of love that anyone can have. Hence, I encourage you to look in the mirror no matter how you are and repeat to yourself “I love you” as you look at the different aspects of your body. Say it with emphasis and meaning. Before long, you will believe it. 

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