By Caitlyn Freece ~ Third-Year Senator

Being a Class Senator has been the highlight of my time at the University of Lynchburg so far. It all started when I was invited to the Leadership Dinner and talked with the VP at the time, and all the sudden I was hooked.

I was not quite sure what I wanted to do with being a senator as a first year student, I did not know the school much at that point, all I knew was that I wanted to be the voice for people that were too afraid to speak up. 

I knew classmates in my dorm who wanted to see change but did not know who to go to or what to do, and I was proud to be able to be that outlet for them.

Being a class senator seems like a big task, and while it might be difficult at times, it has been a rewarding experience. 

I like how I can do a lot of different activities and propose a lot of different ideas to the senate, that most people might not be able to do. For example, as a Third Year senator I was able to propose ideas that contribute to inclusive excellence and diversity on campus, along with help write legislation for new activities including leisure and mental health. 

With my three years of being in the Senate, I have also had the opportunity to be a part of voting for change at the university, from new clubs to seeing the beautiful rainbow chairs becoming a reality on Westover Hall.

I am so proud of everything that the Senate has done so far and I am so excited for the campus to see everything that we have planned for the remainder of the academic year. I have loved every minute of having a seat in the Senate, so if you are even thinking about joining, my vote is yes!

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