Painting by James R. Eads

Written by Em Maxey ~ Assistant Editor

Social media has had a recurring word the past couple of years: twin flames. It seems like now everyone has to have a twin flame. The truth of the matter is that it is likely that very few people currently on earth actually have a twin flame. 

Twin flames occur when the same spirit divides into two halves. These two haves then proceed to earth in which they will find each other. There are a lot of criteria to check if you believe that your partner is a twin flame. 

Typically twin flames find an immediate attraction to one another. This may not be a romantic attraction right away but there is usually a strong infatuation when you first meet. Twin flames have a sense of familiarity and comfortability. 

If you have a relationship with a twin flame you may find yourselves thinking and saying a lot of the same things, even from the beginning of the relationship. 

You may also find yourselves hyper aware of each other’s flaws and imperfections.  After developing a relationship, you typically have a very strong romantic bond. Twin flames always go through a phase with a strong intensity followed by a period of possible turbulence or challenges. 

Twin flames usually find themselves separated from an argument or disagreement. This separation may occur once or many times and is one of strong emotions. 

The relationship will really struggle, the two will find themselves drifting apart, to the point in which they lose connection and may stop communicating completely. 

This period can last from 8 or so months to years. The main purpose of this phase is to create a sense of self dependence and growth. 

Twin flames can go through many individual changes throughout this time. Oftentimes this is not an easy time in their life and can cause much pain. 

In the end, the two people may find themselves resolving old conflicts within themselves and feeling a sort of inner peace with their own consciousness and existence and within the world.

After a time apart from each other the two halves will find each other and their turbulence will be resolved. They will feel even stronger connections to one another. This will be a strong romantic and sexual relationship. So why do we have twin flames? 

Twin flames happen when a soul is spending it’s last time on Earth. It is strongly suggested that if you have a twin flame, you have spent other lifetimes on Earth. My suggestion for you is that if you find yourself in a situation where you believe that you have found your twin flame, then you should do some past life regression guided meditation. 

Karmic flames are similar to twin flames, and make you feel like you’re in a twin flame relationship, but you never come out of a period of turbulence and challenges. You constantly have problems, you never feel at peace, and you always disagree. Karmic flames are sometimes people in which you broke soul contracts with and have come back to give you bad karma. 

Everyone in every lifetime will have Karmic flames and soulmates. It is likely that you may never have a twin flame. But don’t take that as a solution to give up on romantic relationships. Just because you may not have a soulmate does not mean you haven’t made a soul contract to love someone else this lifetime. 

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