Love and Learn: Soulmates and Soul Contracts

How to Find Your Soulmate: 35 Real Ways to Find Your One True Love
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By Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

Trigger warning: mention of r*pe

It is February, Valentine’s Day is near. Love is in the air as spring inches closer to our grasps. I bid thee caution as you go in search for a desperate attempt at fulfillment during the month of passion. 

With it being a season of affection, I found it to be the perfect time to discuss what a soulmate really is. Keep an eye out the rest of this month as I continue to discuss relationships with twin flames and karmic flames and how to find the most powerful form of love: self-love. 

The term “soulmate”  as we know today has many connotations. The definition of the word depends entirely on conceptual beliefs and context. Some people believe that soulmates are only those in which you hold a close bond or infatuation with. In my belief system, which is made of a mixture of modern wiccan and modern paganism, as well as other earth based spiritualities, a soulmate is simply someone whom you are close to within the spirit realm. 

The spirit realm is also known to some as the afterlife. I prefer the term spirit realm because this holds an ideology and connotation that we exist prior to our conscious time on earth, without the context of eternal damnation and heaven.

In my spirituality and many others, a soulmate is someone in which you made a deal with in the spirit realm. Oftentimes this “deal” is a mutual agreement to assist one another learn something while in your physical state on earth known as a soul contract. Soulmates can be teachers you grow close to, siblings, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, pets, cousins, partners, or strangers. 

I also think that people believe that you can only have one soulmate when that is not always the case. More times than not you have more than one soulmate. Soulmates also do not have to be in your life the entire time, and may come and go into your life like a wave on the shore. I am in a current state of belief that I have at least three in my life that are present, as well as soulmates I have lost contact with and some I have yet to meet. 

The most twisted part about the concept of soulmates is you do not have to like your soulmate. Soulmates can be abusers, bullies, or sexual assaulters. It is hard for people to think that they would make such a deal in the spirit realm, and most times they do not. Often times individuals who we are (what I call) negative soulmates with, are individuals whom we made a deal with to engage with on a physical level (meaning not in the spirit realm), but the heavy negative and low energy that comes with the experience of a physical embodiment on earth can corrupt and damage souls to the point they manipulate or ruin their contracts. 

If this Valentines Day you find yourself lonely and in search of love, find it within your soulmate friends. Don’t let the few days of February make you fall short of anything less than your worth; besides, Valentine’s Day originated by drunk Romans whipping young, naked women and the execution of two men named Valentine. So unless you plan on doing it like the Romans, I suggest you just get dinner with your friends. 

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