Lynchburg Hosts Annual Law School Fair

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo provided by Eleanor Marindin, a graduate assistant at the Career and Professionalism Center, on Nov. 3, 2021. Jeremy Pratt, a law student at Ohio Northern University, is letting University of Lynchburg Students know the opportunities that await them at Ohio Northern University. 

On Nov. 2, 2021, the University of Lynchburg hosted its law school fair, an event which gave all undergraduate students the opportunity to meet different people who work in admissions for premier law schools in the nation, such as Washington and Lee University, and University of Richmond

At the fair, experts from admissions at law schools around the country, and the Career and Professionalism Center from University of Lynchburg were able to give advice for those interested in possibly attending law school in the future or learn more about law school. 

Executive Director of the Career and Professionalism Center at the University of Lynchburg, Beverly Reid said the university hosts the law school fair every year on Election Day, and this year was a huge success.Gwen Mills, an administrative assistant in the Career and Professionalism Center, added “Election Day is always a good day because it coincides with the event.” 

“[The] attendance at [the] fair was relatively good because there were many students who came at the early stages of the event who were interested in law,” said Beth Mattson-Boze, an admissions counselor at Regent University

Eleanor Marindin, a graduate assistant in the Career and Professionalism Center, discussed why it is important for students to attend this fair. Marindrin said, “You never know what career path you want to take, and it is good to have options.” 

Similarly, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Engagement at Ave Maria University School of Law, Claire O’ Keefe, said,” The choice to go to law school is a great one because it is a versatile degree and one can use it for many different things.”

Many people believe in order to go to law school, students should major in disciplines such as communications, psychology, criminal justice, criminology, or similar disciplines; but students of all disciplines are welcomed and are encouraged to apply. 

Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment Analytics at University of Richmond School of Law, Brandon T. Metheny, talked about how law can apply to business majors, stating, “I would say that the reason business majors should consider law is because these business concepts do not appear just in a vacuum, so knowing just the numbers is half the story. You have to know the law to apply those numbers in the real world.” 

However, experts from admissions of law schools recommend, regardless of major, to take advantage of building your resume and gaining experience, and consider factors which will help you succeed in a classroom, and help you pass the Bar Exam

Admissions Counselor for Appalachian School of Law Hannah Ywhited talked about the importance of an externship, stating, “An externship is when you choose a barred attorney to work under, so you can gain experience in that area of the law in the summer going into your second year of law school. I am thinking an externship is important for networking purposes and giving experiences within the law.” 

Associate Director of Capital University Law School, Keleigh Chumney, talked about how her students are similar to University of Lynchburg students, stating, “Our students are looking for a small, family oriented environment with city amenities.” 

Admissions Coordinator for Campbell University School of Law, Rebecca Robison, gave an overview of Campbell University to Lynchburg students, stating, “We are located in downtown Raleigh. We have a lot of great opportunities with law, including internships, externships, and pro bono opportunities, for our students to get involved. Also, we have a great Ultimate Bar Passage Rate of 97.86%.” 

Assistant Director of Law Enrollment at Wake Forest University School of Law, Tyler Parent, had advice for University of Lynchburg undergraduate students, stating, “I would say to continue focusing on your studies and enjoying your time in undergrad. Expose yourself to some diverse experiences. […] I actually think that University of Lynchburg students would feel quite at home with our program because we are also a private institution that focuses on having a collaborative and familial academic experience.” 

Jeremy Pratt, a law student at Ohio Northern University, believed Lynchburg students would enjoy their time at Ohio Northern University stating,“I am a member of our nationally ranked Moot Court Program, so I have had the opportunity to compete against nationally top ranked law schools. What members can expect is the opportunity to learn from professors who have worked in the field and genuinely care about their students.” 

Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Affairs and Diversity Recruitment and Engagement at Washington and Lee University School of Law Brandyn Jordan, said, “We are a small law school of 380 law students, and we usually bring in 120-125 students per law class. It is really just about connecting with students, not just through academics, but with career strategy and getting involved in the community.” when  describing the makeup of the law school. 

If you are thinking about attending this event next year, please contact the Career and Professionalism Center at

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