Finals In Full Gear

By Aly Haslet ~ Guest Writer

(Photo via the University of Lynchburg’s Undergraduate page) 

At the University of Lynchburg, finals week is fast approaching. 

During the week of Nov. 17th  to the 23rd students at the University will take their final exams. 

After spending a semester back in person in the classroom setting, students are met with how to best prepare for and take their final exams as the daunting week approaches. 

Many students have different study techniques and learning styles, making it important to find what works best for them as final exams approach. 

For junior Cameron Hall, Vice President of Nursing for the Class of 2023, he explained his approach to studying for finals. He said, “Normally if I’m studying for finals, I usually take all of my notes that I have compiled from each test… and I usually get in a group and go through the notes.”  

Hall elaborated about  his study group and explained that they all teach the material to each other. He said, “We switch off who’s teaching, it kind of makes it easier to comprehend it, especially when you teach back.” 

For other students, ensuring that they are in an environment that is conducive to learning and making a point of taking “brain breaks” is how they best prepare and manage finals week. 

Junior Arran Walton explained, “I try to spend a lot more time doing things outside of studying as well to kind of increase the balance between taking in a lot of mental information and doing things physically or mentally related to finals. It keeps my stress levels down and really makes it easier to manage.” 

For more information and tips on how to best prepare for finals, visit


Princeton Review –

The University of Lynchburg Website –

Shorelight –

Arran Walton – 252-292-8943

Cameron Hall – Vice President of Nursing for the Class of 2023 – 434-534-4063

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