The Race To The Polls.

By Hayden Dietz ~ Guest Writer

Photo of voting ballot. Photo retrieved from from Hunter Epperson on Oct. 26, 2021.

Nov. 2, the election day for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, House of Delegates, and some local offices (depending on locality) , is rapidly approaching.

On the ballot for governor, Terry McAullife is the candidate for the Democratic Party, and Glenn Youngkin for the Republican Party. 

Recent polling has shown a surprisingly tight race, with McAuliffe up by 1.9% in a state Biden won by slightly over ten percent.

Two polls added the Oct. 25 show McAuliffe up by 1% or tied, and a poll from the Oct. 24 had Youngkin up by 1%.

However, if the trend of polls for the gubernatorial race tend to favor the Party in the white house, a victory for Terry McAullife would not be surprising.

But with Biden’s sinking approval rating, it could possibly damage McAullife’s chances at victory.

Historically, Virginia has been considered a “blue state” (meaning the state predominantly votes or supports the Democratic Party) since 2008 in the presidential election.

However, despite voting blue since the presidential election of 2008, the state of Virginia has recently had one Republican governor, Robert F. McDonnell, who served from 2009 to 2013.  

Since McDonnell, the state has experienced two Democratic governors, Terry McAuliffe (2009-2013), and Ralph Northam (the current governor). 

One theory which explains why the state of Virginia has voted for the Democratic Party so consistently is because the party out of office is often mobilized at local elections compared to those who have their candidate in office as President, because people who perceive they are in power are less mobilized to vote.

A prime example of this can be seen in 2009 when Virginia elected a Republican governor, despite the state voting for Obama in 2008. 

Jeremy Johnson, a junior at the University of Lynchburg, believed that the race leaned towards McAullife, citing his value as a former governor and the general Democrat lean in Virginia.

Matthew Fields, a junior at the University of Lynchburg, viewing the polling and Virginia’s past electoral history, believes that Youngkin has the edge.

To learn more about Terry McAullife or Glenn Youngkin, visit or 

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