Reigning Champs Looking For More

By William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Lindsey Hair, Delanney Kennedy and Erin Wojtkowski and. Photo Courtesy of Lynchburg Athletics/Erin Farina

The Lynchburg Hornets Women’s Swim Team is coming into the year with a target on their back. 

In a year with Covid difficulties, the women’s swim team was triumphant in their efforts to be on top of the ODAC mountain. 

The reigning ODAC champs will carry their crown into ODAC relays in their first competition since spring of 2021. 

The Hornets will get a chance to face off against W&L and Randolph Macon for the first time since Spring of 2020 when the women’s team placed 4th at the ODAC Championship Meet.

Junior Caitlyn Freece said, “Last year was such an amazing year and the feeling of when we were able to ring the bell was something I will never forget.”

Although the Hornets were able to take home the trophy last spring, other schools have speculated that it was only because other schools did not show up.

Regarding this speculation, Freece said, “At the end of the day we showed up to the meet because we were able to follow Covid guidelines and we were the best team there. We were told that the best team at ODAC will be the winner and that was us”

The women have received many honorable awards over the past several months and look to continue to build off of their success from the previous season. 

The reason why the Hornets were so successful last year was because of a highly rated recruiting class.

Sophomore Erin Wojtkowski said, “Last year we came in not really knowing what to expect and I think that benefitted us because we were playing with house money.”

The pressureless season will no longer be an option for the Hornets now that they have a target on their back.

A swimmer with an extra target on her back is Sophomore Lindsey Hair who will not only help the team defend their title but she will also have to defend her individual title in the 200 freestyle.

Hair says, “The pressure is something that I look forward to because I see it as a challenge but instead of running from them I want to attack the opportunity.”

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