Alix Allen’s Overtime Goal Stung the Generals

Written by William Masselli ~ Editor in Chief

Photo retrieved from on Oct. 4, 2021. Alix Allen, a defender, scores the game-winning goal against the Washington and Lee Generals. 

The University of Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Team beat the Washington and Lee Generals by a score of 2-1 due to Amanda Wigboldy’s game-winning assist and Alix Allen’s game-winning goal in overtime.

Head Coach Olsen stated the significance of this win, stating, “I think the last two games and the last two seasons we played them, we were not really competitive in those games. These were our least competitive games because they absolutely outplayed us and they definitely had our number. The game was a game changer because we came from behind again and that showed amazing fortitude and grit. Alix’s goal is the most amazing goal I have seen at the college level. We can compete with anyone in the ODAC and if anyone takes us for granted, it will be at another team’s own peril.” 

Regarding her game-winning goal, Allen, a defender, stated, “Honestly, I never thought I would score like that. I do anything I can to help my teammates out. I honestly just came here to play the sport I love and make lifetime friends.”

           Allen revealed the sequence of events that led to her goal, stating, “I kind of blacked out a bit. Taylor played the ball wide and Amanda was just trying to get a ball into a dangerous position. Lindsey Grady was running away from goal, and I had a better look on goal because I was running towards the goal. I told Lindsey Grady to leave it because last game we had an issue with me not yelling loud enough to leave it. I definitely screamed at her. I saw the goalkeeper was a little far out, so I figured to hit this thing as far as I can and see where it goes. The ball just happened to go in.”

Allen continued, “This winning goal means a lot to the team, not just to me personally. This was a team win that made us feel a lot better with where we are standing. The whole team touched the ball before I got a chance to score the goal, so it was a team goal.” 

Wigboldy, a midfielder and forward, added, “This showed our resiliency because we continued to play so aggressively. The fact that we kept taking the chances meant that we had a very high chance to be successful. I think we will see the Washington and Lee Generals in the tournament, it will be a good game, and it will be a game where we win. I think going forward we can control our mental state going into games. This year, we have showed up to all our games with aggressiveness and leaving everything out on the field. This is something we lacked in past seasons. This has been a huge change for me, and I am loving every second of it.” 

If you are interested in watching the University of Lynchburg Women’s Soccer Team, please visit to view the team’s upcoming schedule. 


Alix Allen

Amanda Wigboldy

Head Coach Todd Olsen


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