Mystic Magic: Stone-Cold Facts About Crystals

Em Maxey ~ Staff Writer

One of the most commonly growing practices in the United States is the usage of healing crystals. People are drawn to the beauty and energy these gems hold, but what are the limitations of this newly popular obsession? 

To be crystal clear, gemstones and crystals are not rocks. Crystals, atomically, are minerals. The major difference between minerals and rocks is the anatomic structure. 

Minerals are made of three dimensional patterns that are repeated throughout the inorganic solid. Rocks are typically irregular anatomically. 

To understand the modern context, it is important to have a grasp on the history of crystals.  This practice is believed to date back 30,000 years ago to the first usage of baltic amber amulets. This was about the time that humans had first emerged on the American continents. The reminiscence of amber beads was found in Britain 10,000 years ago. 

Crystals in magic formulas are thought to have been first used by the Sumerians (c. 4500 to c. 1900 BC). Many crystals such as turquoise, emerald, and clear quartz were popular for their jewelry. Green stones such as malachite were used in burials and entombment ceremonies. 

Many common crystal names and healing properties come from the beliefs of Ancient Greece. Even the word, “crystal”, comes from Ancient Greek diction meaning “ice.” Ancient Greece believed that clear quartz was water that had been frozen so solid that it would never melt.  

Crystals and gems such as Jade were very popular in Ancient China. Green gemstones were a common symbol of luck in China. This tradition was carried to New Zealand and still believed by natives of the country to this day. 

What does history have to do with modern practice? Simply put, many traditions and beliefs were passed down through generations, adopted from alternate cultures, and were accepted by religious founders. 

Furthermore, very few individuals actually understand the healing power of crystals. Wiccans, like myself, believe that crystals give off frequencies. The energy given off by crystals is dependent on the frequency. 

If you are getting into crystal practices, remember to always cleanse and charge your crystals. After using mine for a couple days or after extraneous energy is released, I always cleanse and charge mine. 

Cleansing and charging is easy. Sage and incense burning purification are very simple and effective methods of cleansing your crystals. 

On campus, burning materials is forbidden in dorms. I typically take mine home to do this. When I do not have the luxury of going home, I typically place mine on or between sage bundles and selenite, the cleansing stones. 

Placing crystals in moonlight or sunlight is a great way to charge them. 

The hardest and most confusing part of crystal practice is remembering the purposes and properties of all your crystals. Not knowing the name of a stone or a property is acceptable though. Use apps and books to help you study. Do not be afraid to ask someone else or simply say “I don’t know.”

Crystal properties can sometimes be identified by color. For example, pink crystals represent love and green represents luck, but do not always assume this.

Something I learned in my practice is that all crystals are good for banishment of people if you throw them hard enough. 

Crystals are good to hold in your hand during meditation as long as the intent of the stone is the same as your spiritual intent. 

Whenever we enter places with many crystals, we begin to feel lightheaded from all of the different frequencies of the different crystals. Although there is no scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of crystal healing, many scientists believe it to be similar to the placebo effect. 

For most people, crystals are a part of spiritual practice whether it is a placebo or not. If you have none or thirty, there is no denying the commonality and the rising popularity of these precious stones. Beginning with the Sumerians, this open practice has been passed down from generation to generation. Why not embrace tradition?

My advice is if someone tells you that you have too many crystals in your life, ignore them. You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. 

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