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Christopher Jennings ~ Assistant Copy Editor

Ellen Druebbisch. Photo Courtesy of Lynchburg Athletics/Taylor Herzog

Lynchburg Tennis has been able to accomplish great things on and off the court. Most recently, University of Lynchburg Women’s Tennis was able to accomplish a team G.P.A of 3.75. This allowed for nine Hornets to be named ITA Scholar-Athletes and for the team itself to be an All-Academic team of distinction.

 Ellen Druebbisch ‘21 was named Academic All-American as well as receiving an NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship which only 21 women across the country received. 

Druebbisch excelled in academics, athletics, and community service. Before Druebbisch’s senior year, she donated a kidney to someone in need.

Druebbisch said, “As a senior, I earned quite a bit of recognition for this. It was definitely exciting and nice to be recognized for what I had accomplished, but these were never things I expected and I am just extremely happy with my time at Lynchburg!”

Druebbisch was not only recognized by her competitors, but also her teammates as well.

Alissa Anderson said, “Ellen was a great teammate but more importantly a great person who excelled in all areas of life. She left the “L” a better place because of it.”

The Hornets success is not just off the court however. The Hornets have been winning on and off the court. With the success in the classroom being so impressive they have followed up by going 14-3 last year and 9-1 in the conference

The women were able to advance to the semifinals of the ODAC tournament for a third consecutive year. Hence, they have great things to build off of this year’s upcoming tennis season

Read about Druebbisch’s heartwarming story about donating a kidney at 

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