Dine With Me: La Vida Coffee + Market

By Alyssa Wilson ~ Assistant Editor

Photo of back, outdoor entrance of La Vida Coffee and Market. Photo taken on Aug. 26,  2021 by Alyssa Wilson. 

A big hit in the city of Lynchburg and among the students at the University of Lynchburg has been the new coffee shop on Langhorne Road called La Vida Coffee and Market

Previously, La Vida was a wedding venue, Southern Provisions before the owner sold it to the owners at La Vida. As a frequent coffee shop lover, I can say that this shop had a great ambiance. 

La Vida is unique in the way that in every corner of the shop there is something different and special. In the back two corners, you can find yourself gravitated towards a wall of succulents that customers can shop from as well as the thrift corner. 

Vagabonds Vintage, a traveling, online thrift shop is at La Vida every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with their unique clothing and other accessories. 

Photo of Vagabonds Vintage corner and clothes hanging on racks. Photo taken on 26 of August 2021 by Alyssa Wilson. 

In addition to the inside, they also have a great outdoor area. La Vida-labelled cornhole, plenty of outdoor cushioned seating and picnic tables to enjoy studying outside while either under the shade of an umbrella or getting a tan. 

The coffee shop also had long tables meant to add a sense of community. While I believe it is a great idea in theory, we are also still in a global pandemic and the idea of long tables with chairs pushed close together made me feel slightly uncomfortable while visiting La Vida. 

Coffee shops are a great place to study or hang out with friends, but the main reason many people go is in the name, coffee. I have been on the hunt for the smoothest and boldest cold brew in Lynchburg recently and I did not find it here. The cold brew was more of an iced coffee and very acidic and slightly bitter. Others may like this style of cold brew, but it was not the one for me. 

Overall, the employees were nice and welcoming, and I can understand why everyone in Lynchburg is talking about La Vida Coffee and Market. 

La Vida is open Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 6a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. 

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