Beautiful City, Beautiful Campus, Beautiful People:

By: Rylee McDonal ~ Copy Editor

Hopwood. Picture taken from @critograph on Instagram

What does beautiful mean? 

In the easiest description of the word, it is something that is appealing to the eye. In terms of what is exactly beautiful, there are a plethora of answers. And after almost two years of non-stop issues, spanning from global to personal, I think I finally remembered my own answer. 

Before the pandemic, before the world shut down, I went to a little college only ten minutes from here. I was in love with this city, and for the most part, I did love the school I attended.

 Due to unfortunate circumstances at the start of the pandemic, I was unable to return. For the majority of this pandemic, I have been working. 

Working as a summer camp counselor, then, once the public school year started, an assistant teacher, as well as a full time student. I did not mind this, I enjoy working and if it is to help my family I would do anything. 

However, there was a part of me that wished I could have a break. I did have free time and there were friendships and relationships every now and then, but I still like there was something missing. 

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, when classes first started. I was thrilled to be back in school and excited for the adventure that came with it. After a while, though, I started to miss my friends and family back home. 

Then, one day, I was walking to my first class of the morning and noticed something so small and so insignificant that I never would’ve thought would change the way I think and feel. It was a squirrel, rolling around in the dirt, without a care in the world. It was such an odd sight to me that my only response was to laugh.

 After that, I just started looking around when walking to campus, and I started noticing the smallest of details. I noticed the leaves changing color, the students walking on campus, the sunbeams shining through the trees. 

And all I could think about was the beauty of it all. When I sit in my classes, or the dining hall, or even when I walk from my dorm to the dining hall, I see the most beautiful things. 

After so long of not being able to really see the world, I finally really see how beautiful everything is, and all it took was a squirrel.

 I write this article, not as news, not as anything other than for people to stop and really look at their surroundings. 

This is especially for students. I know I have been struggling, and I know it must be hard, but to just take a minute and take in the world around you, it will be more than worth your time. We live in a beautiful city, we learn in a beautiful school, and we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful people I think I’ll ever meet.

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