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*content warning: article does contain mild spoilers, and not safe for work (NSFW) content. 

Photo (above) is a flyer for “Love, Death & Robots”. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 16, 2021. 

The Netflix series, “Love, Death & Robots”, volume one aired in 2019, and volume two aired earlier this year. This series is a collection of animated short clips, each with a unique story. The stories include shapeshifters, vampires, cats, monsters and even the ocean. 

The genres span across science-fiction, horror, dark-comedy, fantasy, and multidimensional. Some fans were upset that volume two  was noticeably shorter than volume one, but if you are like me, I watched both volumes in a day and a half, and already rewatched episodes multiple times. So does it even matter? 

Photo from “Love, Death & Robots”. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 16, 2021. 

What draws me into this series so much is that each episode is a different style of animation, and the stories have no correlation to each other, so it does not matter the order you watch. The stories are not your typical animation either. Some are filled with sex, violence, blood, and dirty jokes, but they are so good you will not be able to stop watching once you start. 

For me, my favorite episodes are the ones which are more calm and funny. For example, the episode, Three Robots”, which only lasts roughly ten minutes, is an episode in which a trio of robot friends are sight seeing, in a post-apocalyptic city, when a cat starts following them, demanding attention. At the end of their journey, the robots end up at a military base. The ‘female’ robot starts explaining that a nuclear war and global warming was what knocked out the human race, but then the small robot ends her speech by explaining that it was actually their own stupidity. 

The cat explains that after humans engineered cats to have opposable thumbs, it was over for them. The cats no longer needed humans to be their masters. He then demands to be petted forever by the smallest robot and brings out his other cat friends so they can also get attention from the robot trio forever. 

Photo from the episode “Three Robots”. Photo retrieved from on Aug. 16, 2021. 

Personally, I watched volume two first, but as I stated above, it does not matter the order. The reason why I recommend this show is because of the incredible animation, the dark humor, and uniqueness of each episode no matter how short it is. Each one will draw you in and get you more excited for the next episode.

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