The Beginning To An End

By Hunter Epperson ~ Copy Desk Chief 

Picture (above) is me laying on the ground in front of Hopwood Hall on my last first day of classes of my undergraduate career. 

As I write this piece, I still have a hard time reflecting on last Monday as my first day of classes. From the last day of classes of my undergraduate career, seeing my professors again, being back on campus, returning back to in-person classes, and seeing the new Hornets walk around campus finding their classes; last Monday was bittersweet. 

As I walked around campus on my last first day of classes as an undergraduate, it was sad not to see familiar faces or friends because they all graduated last May, the intended month when I was supposed to graduate.  Upon reflection, it makes me sad to think that four years ago I was one of those new Hornets on campus walking to find my classes and starting my college journey. 

Photo of the Dell at University of Lynchburg part of my daily walk to and from my car every day. Photo taken March 15, 2021 by Hunter Epperson

It was also sad to think that in a couple of months I will be saying goodbye to colleagues, professors, and coworkers who made Lynchburg a special place for the last four years and made this place home. It is also sad to think that the number of days of walking past Hopwood every morning is officially counting down. 

It is still hard to grasp that in a couple of months I will officially begin my career search in hopes of finding a job in admissions and enrollment at a college or university as an admissions counselor. While it is a sad and scary time, it is a sweet moment to think that in a couple of months I will officially be done with school for the time being. I can finally rest and enjoy life because I will neither have to worry about tedious homework nor anxious emails regarding professor feedback.

Photo of cherry blossoms blooming at the University of Lynchburg outside my work, another thing I will miss seeing post graduation in May.  Photo taken on March 15, 2021 by Hunter Epperson 

It is crazy to think that this year I will complete my thesis for my communications degree and complete my internship. Four years ago, I sat in my 100 and 200 level courses learning how to write in APA Style, learning how to balance college life and work, and trying to figure out how to be an adult on my own.

It is unbelievable to think how much within the last four years I have grown as a scholar and an adult. It is crazy to think that four years ago I was sitting in my ENGL111 course learning how to write a college level paper to now sitting in my COMM401W ADV Senior Thesis and submitting a 30 page paper by the end of the semester. Certainly I knew this day would come, but I did not expect it to come this fast. But for now, “Here is to life, and here is to Lynchburg.” 

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