Intramural Basketball, COVID Edition

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Jared Hargis ~ Guest Writer

   Intramural Sports at the University of Lynchburg look a little different this spring semester as students are now required to wear a mask while competing. 

     The Office of Student Engagement and Development informed students via email who were participating in intramural basketball that they must follow COVID safety protocols. 

     The email stated that “masks and COVID safety protocols will be strictly enforced.” In addition it stated, “Guidelines for intramural sports, fitness activities, and outdoor leadership have been developed in collaboration with athletics.”  

   This is the first time students have had to wear masks when competing in intramural sports. Students have expressed the impact of the pandemic as well as their experience with competing with masks on. 

     “This is by far the most challenging year with the impact of the pandemic but I understand the guidelines that have been put in place for us, wearing a mask while you are competing is challenging but it does not take away from the intramural fun,” said senior Evan Smith. 

     “I understand the circumstances that we are in right now, the school is doing a good job with allowing us students to still compete and enjoy activities on campus but also taking protective measures to keep us safe,” said senior Jahmere Oakley. 

   Intramural basketball will look a little different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Students who have any questions or concerns regarding the guidelines of intramural basketball contact the Lynchburg’s Office of Student Engagement and Development at 434-544-8254. 

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