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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     This year has been crazy with all the restrictions due to Covid-19. It is very understandable that the school wants to take precautions. With this being said, it may be hard for students to have a social life here on campus. 

     Last week was a great opportunity for girls to come out and meet the sisters of all different Greek organizations here on campus. The four Panhellenic sororities that we have on campus are Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA), Alpha Chi Omega (AXO), Kappa Delta (KD) and Sigma Sigma Sigma (Sigma). 

     On Tuesday, Oct. 22, AXO had a pumpkin painting event which allowed for potential new members to come out and get to meet new people. Zara Collison, the President of AXO, said, “With Halloween right around the corner, our pumpkin painting party was a success! Alpha Chis and other members of the Lynchburg community painted, laughed and enjoyed the weather and the good vibes.” 

     On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Sigma had a meet the sisters event. Julia Melone, the PR chair, said, “It went really well! I think by this time of year, the amount of people going out for recruitment is naturally slowing with the busyness of classes, but everybody still had a lot of fun. It is a great way to meet new people and form those connections.”

     On Thursday, Oct. 24, it was KD’s meet the sisters and they had caramel apples. Sam Vogel, the Vice President of Membership, said, “Our meet the sisters event went really well and we had a great turnout!! They made caramel apples and the Kappa Delta sisters had a great time meeting the PMNs. Everyone is looking forward to recruitment this spring!”

     On Saturday, Oct. 26, ASA had their event and the theme was S’Mores by the fire and, yet again, this is another meet the sisters where potential new members (PNMs) got to feel the vibe of ASA. Events like these are always great and allow for people to get more involved in Greek like here at the University of Lynchburg. 

     Jennifer Hall, the President of ASA, said, “it was really fun and exciting because it was our first meet the sisters event of the semester ! We had around 8 girls show up and make s’mores! We are really excited to see them during recruitment week!” 

     As you can see, all these events were fall themed and allowed for people to get out and just socialize. Socializing may be hard if you do not know anyone yet, so these events were great opportunities just to put yourself out there. On top of that, these events are also beneficial to people who want to go out for greak life because it allows you to see what each organization is like. 

     If you did not attend any of these events but want to, do not worry because there will be more. Just remember to check your email for when the next one will be. 

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